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Finding the right events to participate at is as much craft as an art. We are curating extensive conference database with advanced filtering options so You can make the best use of it. How? Watch the explainer video and pick one of the subscription packages that suit your needs.
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Title Start date End date City Country Tags
Sustainability Week 22.03.2021 25.03.2021 London UK environment, digital transformation, leadership, sustainability, green tech, climate change
WOLVES Summit 24.03.2021 26.03.2021 Warsaw Poland startups, entrepreneurship, tech trends
Savant eCommerce Berlin 23.03.2021 24.03.2021 Berlin Germany ecommerce, data, AI
48FRWD Virtual Sessions: Call for Resilience 18.02.2021 18.02.2021 Munich Germany tech trends, digital transformation, impact tech
RISE 25.03.2021 25.03.2021 Hong Kong China tech trends, startups, investors
Title Sustainability Week
Start date 22.03.2021
End date 25.03.2021
City London
Country UK
Tags environment, digital transformation, leadership, sustainability, green tech, climate change
Title WOLVES Summit
Start date 24.03.2021
End date 26.03.2021
City Warsaw
Country Poland
Tags startups, entrepreneurship, tech trends
Title Savant eCommerce Berlin
Start date 23.03.2021
End date 24.03.2021
City Berlin
Country Germany
Tags ecommerce, data, AI
Title 48FRWD Virtual Sessions: Call for Resilience
Start date 18.02.2021
End date 18.02.2021
City Munich
Country Germany
Tags tech trends, digital transformation, impact tech
Title RISE
Start date 25.03.2021
End date 25.03.2021
City Hong Kong
Country China
Tags tech trends, startups, investors
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