re:compass #23: In Your Calendar

Navigator for events during 28 September — 04 October 2020 There are 56 conferences listed in re:event database for the next week, and that’s not even accounting for shorter sessions, online... Read More

re:compass #22: Community by Subscription?

Navigator for events during 21–27 September 2020 There is an interesting side effect of working daily with 1.600+ event database across all continents: one starts to observe interesting patterns in... Read More

re:compass #21: Too. Many. Events.

Navigator for events during 14–20 September 2020 It’s a sweet problem to have: there are too many amazing tech events currently happening that it would be possible to fit all personal want-to-att... Read More

re:compass #20: Networking, Baby

Navigator for events during 07–13 September 2020 Recently I was talking with a friend about virtual events, recorded versus live presentations, attendee engagement and some more. We agreed that eve... Read More

re:compass #19: Supercharge The Return Of Events

Navigator for events during 31 August — 06 September 2020 Supercharge The Return Of Events. Sounds like a second season of an epic show, and it certainly is. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Autumn s... Read More

re:compass #18: Bread and TV Shows

Navigator for events during 24–30 August 2020 The last four months have been dominated by zoom-like video conferencing calls that became a new normal for tech events. We have seen a lot, from peop... Read More

re:compass #17: Virtual Goody Bag

Navigator for events during 17–23 August 2020 Do you have a favourite souvenir from attended event? Mine is pair of socks from Slush conference, from the time when they advertised it with “Nobod... Read More

re:compass #16: Throwing a Line

Navigator for events during 10–16 August 2020 During research for this re:compass edition I came across WeMakeEvents call to action — wear red, use red flash lights and give a sign to the go... Read More

re:compass #14: Summer Break ⛱️ Not?

re:compass #15: Summer Break ⛱️ Not? Navigator for events during 03–09 August 2020 Hope that some time in the future we will be grooving to a song called along the lines ‘Summer of 2020’... Read More

re:compass #14: Other Worlds

Navigator for events during 27 July — 02 August 2020 Sometimes we get so much entangled (seemed like a right word) in our worlds that we forget something else exists. That there are some amazi... Read More