re:compass #16: Throwing a Line

Navigator for events during 10–16 August 2020 During research for this re:compass edition I came across WeMakeEvents call to action — wear red, use red flash lights and give a sign to the go... Read More

re:compass #14: Summer Break ⛱️ Not?

re:compass #15: Summer Break ⛱️ Not? Navigator for events during 03–09 August 2020 Hope that some time in the future we will be grooving to a song called along the lines ‘Summer of 2020’... Read More

re:compass #14: Other Worlds

Navigator for events during 27 July — 02 August 2020 Sometimes we get so much entangled (seemed like a right word) in our worlds that we forget something else exists. That there are some amazi... Read More

re:compass #13: Into Vogue

Navigator for events during 20–26 July 2020 During the research for this event guide I came across very strange term in tech industry: in vogue. It jolted my brain. In vogue? We tend to use word ... Read More

re:compass #12: What Are Your Time Coordinates?

Navigator for events during 13–19 July 2020 I really tried. And failed quite miserably. It has been incredibly difficult to attend virtual conferences in other continents. The fact that we are glo... Read More

re:compass #11: Out-Care Them

Navigator for events during 06–12 July 2020 “Do not try to out-work everyone, try to out-care them.” said Ann Hiatt during her one hour long Zoom session, and it really struck the cord. We are... Read More

re:compass #10: Toggle Those Tabs!

Navigator for events during 29 June — 05 July 2020 It happened. I had too many tabs open with ongoing live events, and simply could not decide which one I should focus on. Good news are: onlin... Read More

re:compass #9

Navigator for events during 22–28 June 2020 A confession: I’m having a beef with pre-recorded presentations during live online events. It might be irrational, — after all, quality of talk ... Read More

re:compass #8

Navigator for events during 15–21 June 2020 “Work is not news.” said Jason Fried during TNW Sprint Couch Conference. He was talking about rapid transition, or, rather, scramble for companies t... Read More

re:compass #7

Navigator for events during 08–14 June 2020 It is still too early to observe trends in online events, but it is possible to see some emerging tendencies. One of them is inclination to move towards... Read More