re:compass #32: It’s Still Not Easy

Navigator for events during 30 November — 06 December 2020 Alright. The guide this week will be short and sweet due to the fact that we are organizing our first big online event. It will be ti... Read More

re:compass #31: Too Serendipitous

Navigator for events during 23–29 November 2020 “The random connection feature is a horrible idea,” my friend told couple days ago. We were talking about virtual event tech and possible ways i... Read More

re:compass #30: Just Click ‘EXIT’

re:compass #30: Just Click ‘EXIT’ 💢 Navigator for events during 16–22 November 2020 Internet is ruled by introverts and the cats. Well, mostly our feline overlords take the crown, but the... Read More

re:compass #29: The Invisible Divide ➗

Navigator for events during 09–15 November 2020 What a week was this... There has not been much space to take a breath between USA elections and second UK lockdown while strict coronavirus control... Read More

re:compass #28: (in)Convenient

Navigator for events during 02–08 November 2020 Everything we do online, we do intentionally. And it is very tiring. Just think about this: at virtual event absolutely nothing will happen if you ... Read More

re:compass #27: Captive Audience ️

Navigator for events during 26–31 October 2020 First time I came across term ‘captive audience’ was in a discussion with a friend about those peculiar prices at the airports. Seriously, 11 eur... Read More

re:compass #26: Love to Hate

Navigator for events during 19–25 October 2020 We have been talking a lot about virtual events since the lockdowns began, and one thing is clear: we looove to hate them. Few days ago Gil Dibner t... Read More

re:compass #25: The Great Virtual Event Experiment

Navigator for events during 12–18 October 2020 Bit more than a half year has passed since the first shock wave of event cancellations rolled in due to coronavirus and the Great Virtual Event Exper... Read More

re:compass #24: Attendus Anonymous

Navigator for events during 05–11 October 2020 Do you feel seen these days? Not in the way of an occasional spotlight if you are holding a speech or in the daily video calls with the team, asking ... Read More

re:compass #23: In Your Calendar

Navigator for events during 28 September — 04 October 2020 There are 56 conferences listed in re:event database for the next week, and that’s not even accounting for shorter sessions, online... Read More