re:compass #48: Time for Changes

Navigator for events during 19–25 April 2021 Maybe it’s spring, maybe it’s end of the lockdown here in London but it feels like life is back. Didn’t know how much I missed laughter of strang... Read More

re:compass #47: Networking is Broken

Navigator for events during 12–18 April 2021 As we already know, event statistics is a broad field filled with fuzzy data that cannot really be cross-checked between different report providers. Al... Read More

re:compass #46: Tipping Point

Navigator for events during 05–11 April 2021 There are rumours that virtual events are reaching a tipping point. But to which direction exactly are they ‘tipping’? Are virtual events sure to b... Read More

re:compass #45: Appreciation Dose

Navigator for events during 29 March — 04 April 2021 This guide will be kept short and sweet. I’d like to share my appreciation to some outstanding organizations and individuals that are doi... Read More

❔ re:compass #44: A Good Question

Navigator for events during 22–28 March 2021 My friend held an online presentation to a virtual audience. Not for the first time, mind you. And not for the first time we talked about lack of inter... Read More

️ re:compass #43: A Brand New Phenomenon

Navigator for events during 15–21 March 2021 A confession: I am utterly amused and amazed about the Clubhouse success in Europe. It has hit the European tech ecosystem like a wrecking ball and wit... Read More

re:compass #42: Women in Tech

International Women’s Day Special Edition A little special edition of re:compass in celebration of International Women’s Day is dedicated to all the amazing women in tech I have meet. You are go... Read More

re:compass #41: Audience as a Service

Navigator for events during 01–07 March 2021 This week a special shoutout goes to Saturday Night Takeaway and their virtual audience wall that is making rounds in British news. For once, I am bit... Read More

re:compass #40: Do You Hear Me?

Navigator for events during 22–28 February 2021 Not that I really wanted to ask this, but… Do you hear me? Do you see my screen share? Can you please turn on your camera so that I can get assure... Read More

& re:compass #39: Apples and Oranges

Navigator for events during 15–21 February 2021 As promised, I was combing through event industry numbers during this week. Well, news are as good as bad — data is overall very similar to Bi... Read More