️ re:compass #56: Summer Break

Navigator for events during 14–20 June 2021 It’s summer, in the city! Well, at least sort of since weather tends to shift between early spring to late autumn. Anyhow, it’s time for a break to ... Read More

re:compass #55: In-Person Events Are Back!

Navigator for events during 07–13 June 2021 Do you know how good it feels when email hits your inbox telling you, yes, for sure, they are organizing in-person event this fall? There are more and ... Read More

✖️ re:compass #54: Event Not Found

Navigator for events during 01–06 June 2021 Since I am more and more involved with deeptech in Europe, I can only tell that this period of time is incredibly chaotic and intense. For better or wor... Read More

✨ re:compass #53: Eurovision Edition — Together Apart

✨ re:compass #53: Eurovision Edition — Together Apart Navigator for events during 24–30 May 2021 Eurovision has taken lots of my time this week, and I feel no regrets. Seriously, if you a... Read More

re:compass #52: Pushing Boundaries

Navigator for events during 17–23 May 2021 In last edition I wrote about increasing optimism in the European eventscape to return in-person conferences which, frankly, makes some people quite happ... Read More

re:compass #51: Some Good News!

Navigator for events during 10–16 May 2021 Right about the time I was starting to write next week’s guide, an email hit my inbox. Not a regular promotion campaign, to say the least. Message was ... Read More

re:compass #50: Contact Sport

Navigator for events during 03–09 May 2021 Since EU is pushing deeptech to the top of their policy and funding priority list, I have been listening to more and more chatters in this area. Deeptech... Read More

➰ re:compass #49: Double Risk Loop

Navigator for events during 26–30 April 2021 Broadly speaking, there are two ways for science to interact with startups: it’s either from consumers to labs, either from labs to consumers. First ... Read More

re:compass #48: Time for Changes

Navigator for events during 19–25 April 2021 Maybe it’s spring, maybe it’s end of the lockdown here in London but it feels like life is back. Didn’t know how much I missed laughter of strang... Read More

re:compass #47: Networking is Broken

Navigator for events during 12–18 April 2021 As we already know, event statistics is a broad field filled with fuzzy data that cannot really be cross-checked between different report providers. Al... Read More